Classes will resume on 6 October (Monday), as announced by the Education Bureau.

In view of possible traffic build-up, would parents and students please take note of the following :

  • Students are advised to leave home earlier in the morning to avoid delay caused by traffic.
  • Students are advised to browse the Transport Department website for special traffic and transportation arrangement.
  • If students encounter any abrupt incident or traffic delay on the way to school, they should report to parents and the school (tel: 25492521) immediately.
  • The school will exercise discretion in handling attendance records. Those records will not be shown on report cards and relevant documents.
  • 5 October, 6:30 p.m.



  • 請提早出門,以免交通延誤。
  • 出門前可到運輸署網頁查看特別交通及運輸安排。
  • 如返校途中遇上特發事件或交通延誤,學生應致電家長及學校 (25492521)報告情況,以免家長及老師擔心。
  • 本校將酌情處理因交通問題而遲到或缺席個案,有關紀錄不會顯示在成績表及相關文件。
  • 十月五日, 下午六時三十分

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    Prayer for today 2/9/2015:

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    01/08/2015Mentorship Programme ~ Thank You Dinner
    A 'Thank You Dinner" was the final activity of the Mentorship Programme this academic year, held on 26th June, 2015. A total of 97 mentees and 40 mentors met and enjoyed a lovely social occasion ... [Details]

    25/07/2015In Memory of Miss Mary Holland
    The Council of St. Stephen's Girls' College is sad to announce the passing away of Miss Mary Holland on 15 June 2015, at the age of 92. Miss Holland taught Biology at St. Stephen’s from 1959 to 1969. She was a member of the ... [Details]

    24/07/20152015 HKSAR Junior High School Students Award
    Congratulations to Huang Yongting of 1A for winning the 2015 HKSAR Junior High School Students Award (Unison Hope Merit Award). This award is given to Forms 1-3 students in HK to commend their good ... [Details]

    23/07/20152015 World Scholar's Cup Global Round
    Three outstanding teams representing St. Stephen’s Girls’ College competed in the 2015 World Scholar’s Cup Global Round academic tournament held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 21st to 26th June. Out of over ... [Details]

    21/07/2015In Memory of the Reverend Doctor Joyce Bennett, OBE, JP (1923 – 2015)
    The Council of St. Stephen's Girls' College announces with deep sadness the passing away of the Rev. Dr. Joyce Bennett on 11 July 2015. Arriving in Hong Kong as a young Church Missionary Society missionary ... ... [Details]

    04/06/2015Weather Observation Competition 2015
    On 9th May 2015, eight students from Forms 4 to 5 attended the Weather Observation Competition (Group Presentation and Prize-giving Ceremony), jointly organized by Ho Koon Nature Education cum ... [Details]

    29/05/2015Mentorship Programme - Visit to Union Hospital and Dragonair House
    The Mentorship Programme organized 2 wonderful visits for mentees to explore the careers world. This invaluable experience equipped our students for their further studies, the world of work as well as their future lives ... [Details]

    28/05/2015Mentorship Programme – Careers Fun Fair
    A Careers Fun Fair was organized for mentees on 18 April through the Mentorship Programme. With the much-appreciated help from our Alumnae Association, mentors from 13 work fields were ... [Details]

    27/05/2015Inter-school Sports Competitions 2014-2015
    Our school sports teams have attained excellent results in this year's Inter-school Sports Competition, ending the season ranking 4th out of 38 girls' schools across the Hong Kong and Kowloon Districts ... [Details]

    26/05/2015All HK Schools Jing Ying Badminton (Team) Tournament 2014-2015
    We are delighted to announce that our Badminton Team achieved 4th place in the All HK Schools Jing Ying Badminton (Team) Tournament 2014-2015. The tournament was held on 10, 14 and 18 May ... [Details]

    本校與九龍華仁書院初次合辦學生交換計劃,於二零一五年四月二十二日至四月二十五日舉行。本校有十一位中五同學前往友校上課,而九龍華仁書院也有八位同學到我校體驗不同的學習生活。參加的學生都認為是次交流活動機會難得 ... [Details]

    19/05/2015Story Telling in the Kindergarten
    About 15 of our school’s student ambassadors took part in a story telling session for our kindergarten students on 16th, 23rd and 30th of March. The participants were very enthusiastic and there was ... [Details]

    南京杭州歷史文化研習團 中國歷史科於四月一日至四月五日舉辦了南京杭州歷史文化研習團,是次研習團共有 17位中四、中五修讀中國歷史科的學生參加,同行的還有黃曉林老師和伍思敏老師。 研習團行程豐富:首兩天,同學們在南京先後 ... [Details]

    14/05/2015A.S. Watson Group Hong Kong Student Sports Awards Presentation Ceremony 2014-2015
    On 10 May 2015, a presentation ceremony was held at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium. Our Principal, Ms Chau attended the ceremony. The School wishes to congratulate Tse Ying on her outstanding sports achievement ... [Details]

    11/05/20152015 Harvard Book Prize
    The 2015 Harvard Book Prize Award Ceremony was held in the Diocesan Boys' School Auditorium on 30th April, 2015. The Prize is awarded to an outstanding student who demonstrates academic excellence, possess exceptional ... [Details]

    08/05/2015The Outstanding Student Citizens Awards Scheme 2014
    Congratulations to F.4D Wong Pui Ting, Pearl for being one of the top 10 Outstanding Hong Kong Student Citizen Ambassadors. The awards scheme is organised by Wofoo Youth Network and sponsored by the ... [Details]

    07/05/2015Korea Study Tour 2015
    During the Easter holiday, 27 students from Forms 1-3, 5 went on a 5-day study tour to Seoul, accompanied by Ms. Y.F. Chan, Ms. C.Y. Ng and Ms. N.Y. Tsang. The students not only visited popular attractions but also ... [Details]

    06/05/20152015 Hong Kong Odyssey of the Mind Competitions
    The annual Hong Kong Odyssey of the Mind Competitions was held on 28th and 29th March at the Hong Kong Design Institute and Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education. With great enthusiasm, and as a successful ... [Details]

    05/05/20152015 Drama Festival
    English Drama Team Congratulations to the SSGC English Drama Team who performed to great success in the Shakespeare Category of the 2015 Drama Fest. This is an annual event organized by the ... [Details]

    04/05/20152015 World Scholar's Cup Hong Kong Round
    Three exemplary teams representing St. Stephen’s Girls’ College competed in the Hong Kong Round of the 2015 World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) academic tournament hosted at Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School on ... [Details]

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